Handsome Husbands

Porn stars can be nice, beefcake has its place, but sometimes you just want to see real guys. The type you see in the office or the supermarket and wonder what they'd look like naked, the everyday hunk you see on the bus and fantasise about fucking in some anonymous hotel room. Amateur guys are natural and unpretentious - and they know how to smile.

For The Girls features an amazing selection of real guys in their amateur section. These blokes send in their photos - or their wives do it for them. And they're all gorgeous in their own unique ways.

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For The Girls is a major online magazine offering a mix of hot porn for women and great reading.

It features 1000s of gorgeous naked men, hot hardcore couples, downloadable and streaming porn videos, sex advice, reviews, interviews, articles, columns, news, chat, humour and heaps more.

This amazing site has been making straight women happy since 2003. It's independently run by two women who want to provide something more positive and female friendly than the average porn site.

"The true genius of this place is that it dares to approach female sexuality in a sophisticated way without trying to remove any of the heat or humor.
Intelligent, empowering, beautiful, and very sexy!" - review by Janes Guide

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