Slippery When Wet
For The Girls... quality erotica for women.... made by women
The women behind For The Girls were sick of seeing the same old porn that was made only for men, so in 2003 they decided to make their own high quality site, one that reflected their own tastes and fantasies. Today For The Girls is a huge site that still proudly caters to female porn lovers, offering hot naked men, hardcore couples, erotic fiction and heaps more

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For The Girls

FOR THE GIRLS - Quality, intelligent porn designed for women who want more than just a porn site. 'For the Girls' is an online erotic magazine for women that is entertaining, amusing and of course, titillating
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This site is designed for the requirements of discerning adults and is therefore not available to minors. It is governed by the Restricted Premises Act of 1974 (with amendments), making it a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for persons under the age of 18 to attempt to access this site.
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